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22-02-2015  · You all asked for the Teutonic Butts ringtone from this season of "Archer". Ask, and ye shall receive.(From the January 22nd, 2015 episode "The Archer Sancti…

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18-03-2015  · Download it here: http://picosong.com/27ws/

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Heads up, popups arise but it’s there… Now to find the remixed version to match my Mulatto Butts version. I have that one. In this last episode there is a new one that says white ass daddy white ass momma. Negatory, morning glory. Kreigers ringtone is "Teutonic butts." Teutonic is another term for "German."

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Butt Ringtones – Free By Zedge™. Butts. Butt Cheek. Butt-ugly Martians. Butt truckn. Butts been wiped. BUTT STALLION. EEnE Ed Big Butt. Archer Mulatto Butts.

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Mulatto butts, (mulatto butts), mulatto butts, (mulatto butts)! Black and white butts, (black and white butts), mulatto butts, (mulatto butts)!" Trivia [] An ODIN agent guarding the First Savings Bank has the same ringtone. It could reference that the story writers had it planned for Archer and Lana to have a baby.

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Someone, (probably Krieger) has a "Teutonic Butts" ringtone. And it has the exact same beat and everything as Archer’s "Mulatto Butts" ringtone. Malory has gone MIA in the episode and, in Lana’s words, "absconded" with Baby A.J., so the rest of the gang search her apartment for her.

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Archer’s ridiculous "Mulatto Butts!" ringtone going off at the worst possible time. Black ass mamma! (White ass daddy!) Also, Krieger’s ringtone which is a version of the song, "Teutonic Butts." Archer’s complex, confusing, multi-layered answering machine messages.

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Seen as in Archer, in his ringtone, mainly used to describe mulatto(a person who is of mixed heritage: black and white) and their respective butt. Lana Kane’s booty is a mulatto butt.