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03-10-2013  · Breaking Bad Season 5, episode 16 (final scene). Ringtone of ‘Lydia the Tattooed Lady heard on ‘Todd’s’ cel phone. This hasn’t been ripped-off the TV show Br…

Breaking Bad – TODD’S RINGTONE – Lydia oh Lydia – LOOP …

12-04-2017  · Breaking Bad – TODD’S RINGTONE – Lydia oh Lydia – LOOP

Free HEY YOUR PHONE IS RINGING ringtone by saibaba

Ringtone: HEY YOUR PHONE IS RINGING. Note! This ringtone is 100% free to download. Read more. Go to (without www.) on your cell phone, type in a99443 (code number of this ringtone) into "code nr" box, to get it on your phone for free. NB!

Free I Can Talk ringtone by arsenalfan

Lydia Ringtone by aallorens. SUMMER WARS – THE WORLD OF OZ RINGTONE by luna_chan. Juvenile – Back That Azz Up (Animated Ringtone) by jmector210. Criminal Ringtone – Britney Spears-Fans by mrrtru. The best Arabic RingTone. by heytheresunshine. Regular Show Ringtone Rocks! by redfreeman.

Lydia the tattooed lady, Todd’s ringtone : breakingbad

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Ok can we please talk about Todd’s ringtone : breakingbad

Drew-Pickles. · 7y Little Shit. I don’t think it was that crazy. He obviously has different ringtones for different people on his contact list, i.e. she blinded me with science for Walt, because he’s a scientist; and Lydia the Tattooed Lady for Lydia, because she has a load of tattoos. 308.