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Ringtone: FRIENDS – Joey’s ‘How you doing’ fails miserably 😀

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11-08-2021  · FRIENDS – Joey Tribbiani | How you doin..?#JoeyTribbiani #Freinds #YtShorts #reconbeatzShorts/Video Credits : YouTube/Recon Beatz Support Him ️:https://www….

Joey Friends Pickup Lines – How You Doin

14-09-2015  · When you think of Joey Tribbiani, you probably think Days of Our Lives, a deep lust for sandwiches, and his defining phrase, "How YOU …

Joey Tribbiani – How you Doin’ – YouTube

24-11-2021  · I don’t post full songs, Only the parts i like to sing or listen on loop. No particular genre of music, whatever i feel like in the moment.Enjoy! जय हिन्द-: …

Joey Tribbiani – How You Doin – YouTube

06-11-2010  · Joey’s Famous Line! We Love You Matt LeBlanc

Joey Tribbiani: How you doin’? – Friends – TV Quotes

Joey: Hi, thank you so much for whispering for my benefit. Look, if you just tell me what I did wrong. I’d love to work on it and come back and try it again for you. [to the female producer] And also, how you doin’? Correct this quote. Quote from Joey in The One with Rachel’s Sister. Rachel: This is Chandler.


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《老友记》中Joey常说的一句话:“How you doing?”是什么意 …

27-06-2006  · 是JOEY用于跟女性搭讪的经典台词。 和how are you的意思一样,只是这个说法更习惯于外国人表达。因为joey跟女生搭讪经常用这句,同时总是摆一个很深沉的造型,用很低沉的语调说,所以有点搭讪调情的意思,之后就成为他的招牌台词。 《老友记》中Joey Tribbiani的 …

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How often does Joey tribiani’s ‘how you doin’ get him noticed?

Out of 19 "how YOU doin’" lines, nine of them were successful. That means his famous phrase really only got him anywhere 47.36% of the time. That’s really a terrible rate considering how much attention it gets. Here’s our analysis. Rachel doesn’t know how to ask out Josh-wa, so Joey shares his surefire technique for talking up a woman.

How many times did Joey Joey say how you doin?

What’s funny is that "how YOU doin’" is easily Joey’s most famous quote, but he actually didn’t say it all that often. Out of 236 episodes over 10 seasons, he said it less than 20 times.

Why does Joey not hit on Janine in friends?

After Chandler moves in with Monica, Joey’s new roommate is Janine, a beautiful dancer. Joey, knowing he can’t cross the line between roommate and hookup partner, has pent up flirting energy from not hitting on Janine. In an effort to blow some of his steam, he tries his line on Chandler.

What does Rachel say to Joey when he says “how you doin’?

Rachel’s introducing her to the gang, and when Joey greets her with a hearty "How YOU doin’?", Rachel cries, "Don’t!" as if acknowledging that women are powerless against it. We’re counting this as a success. If it were a failure, Rachel probably would have rolled her eyes or ignored him.