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Evolution of Nokia Ringtones (1999 – 2011) – YouTube


23-07-2017  · All Nokia Ringtones from 1999 to 2011Source: https://soundcloud.com/nokia-design-team/sets/nokia-tune-history

Evolution of Nokia ringtone – YouTube


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The unlikely classical origins of Nokia’s famous ringtone …


14-06-2021  · Nokia needed a soundbite free of expensive copyright complications, and European law makes music available to the public 70 years after the composer’s death. Tárrega, who died 84 years earlier, was …

FAQ evolution of nokia ringtone

What is the Nokia ringtone and who created it?

Tárrega, who died 84 years earlier, was the perfect choice. Shaped by an English musician called Thomas Dolby, the ringtone was first heard in a Nokia 1011 advert in 1992. Seven years later, the ‘Grande Valse’ was renamed as the Nokia tune, and it quickly became Nokia’s flagship ringtone and the brand’s defining soundbite.

Is Nokia’s ‘Grande Valse’ ringtone inspired by the Nokia startup theme?

But that isn’t the whole story. Although the tune has always been credited to Tárrega, the Spanish composer had an inspiration of his own. ‘Grande Valse’, the name of the ringtone, is also the name of a piece of music by Frédéric Chopin. And there’s a moment in Chopin’s composition, around 1:33, that sounds remarkably like the Nokia startup theme.

Where did the Nokia tune come from?

The original Nokia tone manages to be both extremely irritating and poignantly nostalgic. But where did the cult tune come from, and who composed it? The Nokia tune (also called ‘Grande Valse’) is a musical phrase from a piece of solo guitar music by Francisco Tárrega, called Gran Vals (1902).

What was the first musical ringtone on a mobile phone?

Tárrega heard Chopin’s waltz, and reimagined it as a lovely guitar solo nearly 70 years later. Little did the two composers know, their four-bar ditty would become the first identifiable musical ringtone on a mobile phone. Why did Nokia choose the ‘Grande Valse’?