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Emergency+4 Camera. In 1975 Fleetwood issued a red plastic Squad in a Blister-Pac that included 4 plastic firemen. It is bottom stamped F.T.C., Made in Hong Kong, on the underside of the vehicle. The size is 3 ¾ inches long by 1 5/8 inches tall by 1 ½ inches wide. It has round (51) paper stickers on each door and ‘Squad 51 – Rescue Truck …

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(PDF) History Repeating? A Comparison of the Launch and …


Instead of sending pictures via MMS, consumers often took pictures just for fun and later showed them to friends on the screen (Kindberg, Spasojevic, & Fleck, 2004; Lasen, 2005; Vincent, Haddon …

(PDF) Caracterización de 1.967 casos de fallecimientos por …


En Ecuador, durante el período de 2000 a 2015 se registraron un total de 338.442 accidentes de tránsito, originando 233.794 víctimas con lesión y 26.811 fallecidos. En la actualidad, son …

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Amplify – make large or fuller, increase the strength 51. Anguish – severe suffering 52. Animosity – strong dislike 53. Annul – put an end to 54. Anticlimax – sudden fall 55. Antidote – medicine used against a poison or a disease 56. Antithetical – direct opposing 57. Apartheid – brutal racial discrimination 58. Apathetic – …

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